Thursday, January 24, 2008

Brockton Flip...what feels like day 528..only day 22

Z and I always set goals & timelines that we never meet. We typically work really hard then slack off for a few days...and continue that in a cycle. Last night I was supposed to finish painting before the carpet is installed on Monday...but I slacked off and spent the evening with a friend watching a crappy movie that made us both depressed...but it was still fun to hang out before she leaves for several weeks. Since I fell behind last night I'm now looking at an extremely busy weekend to say the least.

-All trim work upstairs must be painted
-Finish all the walls along staircase
-800 sq ft of carpet is installed on Monday..woohoo! But that means all painting has to be done.
-Lay backerboard AND tile upstairs bath before Monday...yikes!
-Put up backsplash in kitchen
-Grout the kitchen countertop

Just looking at the list makes me stressed. Since my pictures have been erased off my memory card TWICE since this started, I took more pics tonight. Enjoy....

soon to have carpet!

slackin' on the job....

Our new carpet...which I got for 65% off..i love finding a good deal!

Newly laid granite tile countertop...(missing backsplash, grout, and a good cleaning)
This was a nightmare to do.

Upstairs bedroom...this room was DISGUSTING! If only my original picture hadn't been erased. I have never seen so much dog poop in my life...on a bedroom! Yuck! The walls were terrible with close to 100 holes that had to be patched, sanded, sanded again, and 2 coats of wall paint, 3 coats of trim paint! Quite the job.

The condition of this room wasn't too bad. This will be 'Zach's Room'...with the big screen, surround sound, 200 dvd's, etc. I stopped him though when he wanted to 'sound proof' the room with foam or whatever.

Loft area which will be my new office...yay!!
Also, our new kickbutt tile saw.

Zach patching walls from the prior owner's terrible animals.

Monday, January 21, 2008

a look back- year twothousandseven

I can't believe 2007 is over and we are almost a month into 2008 already! It's crazy! Last year was a very busy year for me and my boo, Zach. In 13 months we have personally bought 3 properties...renovating all 3. That's a lot to do...we do this in addition to working 50+ hrs a week (and Z is in school full time.) We love it though. There is something about seeing the instant change when you do a home improvement project. On a Saturday morning I would enter a room with disgusting foreclosure condition dog pooped on carpet and by the end of the long 14 hour work day I would see the masterpiece of new hardwood floors. I love instant gratification so going into a room with boring white walls and painting color just makes me excited. I know, I'm weird! I'm going to post some pictures of one of our projects from the Summer 2007. Probably the best part was selling it in 5 days from when I listed it!

New Windows installed by Z and 'friends'

Living Room

Dining Area

All new kitchen, I laid tile for what felt like days!

Bedroom-this room was DISGUSTING when we purchased it!
There was dog poop all over the carpet in the bedroom & closet, we had to wear masks it was so bad!

All new bathroom...more tile...

and more tile...

Saturday, January 5, 2008

"Before" Pictures of Brockton Flip-Jan '08

Master Bedroom

Demolition! My favorite part!

Living Room -looks like a construction site!

Kitchen-no appliances, no countertop!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Welcome to our flip...Jameson style

After a long week of issues with the mortgage company & the holidays we finally did close this past Wednesday Jan. 2nd. I was so greatful to my favorite Loan Goddess, Betsy for all her work on this deal. She has done 3 loans for us and we won't use anyone else! I recommend her to all my clients as well. Jai is my other favorite-the escrow agent at Founders Title who worked a miracle to get this closed.

Wednesday night I took some pictures of the new place and we showed it to both of our parents for the first time. I was so excited to start working on it, but Zach decided that we needed to schedule and plan out what we were doing...Boring!! I got a little mad because I was ready to dive in, but we did get a lot planned out.

A snapshot of this deal:
It's our 4th property purchase and largest so far
1710 sq ft, 3 bed 2 bath in Franklin
I have a $10,000 budget on this project...which seems very low for this amount of space.
Timeline is around 5 weeks for the "big stuff" to be done so we can move in.