Friday, January 4, 2008

Welcome to our flip...Jameson style

After a long week of issues with the mortgage company & the holidays we finally did close this past Wednesday Jan. 2nd. I was so greatful to my favorite Loan Goddess, Betsy for all her work on this deal. She has done 3 loans for us and we won't use anyone else! I recommend her to all my clients as well. Jai is my other favorite-the escrow agent at Founders Title who worked a miracle to get this closed.

Wednesday night I took some pictures of the new place and we showed it to both of our parents for the first time. I was so excited to start working on it, but Zach decided that we needed to schedule and plan out what we were doing...Boring!! I got a little mad because I was ready to dive in, but we did get a lot planned out.

A snapshot of this deal:
It's our 4th property purchase and largest so far
1710 sq ft, 3 bed 2 bath in Franklin
I have a $10,000 budget on this project...which seems very low for this amount of space.
Timeline is around 5 weeks for the "big stuff" to be done so we can move in.

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