Thursday, September 11, 2008

14 days!

Wow, we have already owned this house for two weeks today! Crazy how much still needs to be done but how much we have also accomplished. Just to give you some stats, this house was built in 1991. The carpentry is amazing. For it being a little older there aren't cracks in the walls or woodwork. Even some newer homes start settling and have cracks after just 2 or 3 years. This house was amazingly built. It is 2250sq ft with 3 bedrooms plus a bonus room. There is a huge fenced in back yard and awesome deck. There are about 10 trees in the backyard so it feels secluded and quiet. I love it!

I personally ripped up all the carpet (about 1800 sq ft of it!) And pulled up all the nails and staples which took FOREVER. We are doing solid hardwoods throughout the downstairs with new carpet upstairs in the bedroom. Remodeling two bathrooms. The moulding all needs 3 coats of paint, 2 coats of ceiling paint, and 2 coats on the walls. LOTS of paint!! I was nearing a breakdown the other day when Zach said he would bring two friends over to help us out last night. Hey...I'll gladly write their checks if it means I stay sane!

Zach doing some late night tile cutting. FYI this is how you piss off neighbors. We reply with "hey we are just increasing the property values of the street!"

It's really hard to tell the color of the walls in this picture. Its a tan/light brown color. And yes Stephanie, the light fixture is definitely being replaced:)

We took out the holly bushes. Not as easy as it looks!

They could not get this one out so hooked up a chain and used the vehicle to pull it out. Notice it was dark outside and we were continuing to make a lot of noise!

Hard to see but no more bushes!

Ok ladies...give me some ideas for some new landscaping. I want to plant something very simple and as cheap as possible. Give me your ideas!


Stephanie said...

I love laurels and nandinas personally. Super simple.

Keeping up with the Kennedy's said...

keep me posted on this never know we may be in the market ;-) I'm liking it more everyday...Great job!!!

Syd said...

weeds are free. give it a few weeks and Boom! they're there!