Wednesday, September 3, 2008

day 5??

Our wireless is down at our house so I'm a few days behind on posting. I'm covered in chigger bites too from hauling off the tree brush from the tree we cut down. It hasn't been the easiest few days...but here are some pictures of our progress.

This is what I did on Labor Day...ripped up hardwood with a crowbar...while everyone else had cookouts, went swimming, shopping, etc. It sucked.

Oh and I ripped up all that hardwood with flipflops on.

The only hardwood in the house was at the entry. Since we are during hardwood throughout the whole first floor it had to be ripped up to all match.

A little 'after' shot.

Before shot of the formal living room

After shot of the formal living room. This is what I like to call 'a clean slate' to work with.

And another shot of 'a clean slate'...can't wait to paint the trim bright white and put some color on the walls!

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