Saturday, March 6, 2010

Refinished Tub and Floor Pictures!

I have been so excited to see this room come together. Because of the existing pipes and plumbing layout in the bathroom we didn't really have options to move the tub, vanity, toilet. We had to be creative with the space. The old bathroom had just a shower and no tub. I wanted a tub/shower so the most cost effective solution was to do a clawfoot tub and then do the shower attachment to it. I started looking for an antique clawfoot tub and found this beauty, ok ok not a beauty at first, but I knew it would be! I got it for a decent price and just refinished it.

Before of my rusty ol' tub that had to be sanded and sanded and sanded. Thanks Matt Owen for sanding it!

After!! I LOVE it!!!! (I have not installed the baseboards yet in the bathroom as seen in the picture.)

The feet had to be sanded too. I love the detail work.

The 'after'....although I loaded this picture on my computer and noticed the dust on them! I'll be sure to dust it off!

Nasty before bathroom floor

After ripping up linoleum and two subfloors. We had to patch concrete...oh and this was the room I used a jackhammer in!

The after shot, although once again when looking at the picture on my computer the floor looks so dusty and dirty. oops. Still have final touches like lights/mirror for the room but its almost complete.

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