Monday, April 12, 2010

Final Before and After Flip Pictures!

When I walked into 427 Edwin street on a steaming hot day last July I looked at the disaster in front of me. "NO WAY!" I said to Zach. He said "Oh Krista this is PERFECT!" I was 9 months pregnant and was getting eaten alive by the mosquitos outside in the unkept lawn that was 18 inches high. I was hot. I was overwhelmed. And for the first time in 5 years of fixing up houses I just couldn't see the final result in my head. Fast forward about 4 months and I had a little baby at that point. Zach persisted we put an offer on this little cottage that had been on the market for 2 years and sat vacant. I caved, offered 50% of what asking price was and surprisingly settled for just $2000 higher then that. I couldn't believe I bought a house for the price of a car! Well here we are 5 months later and we've just completed the house. There is nothing more exciting then seeing the final before+after pictures. People won't ever understand the blood (literally), pain, sweat, tears, and lots of marital fights when doing this kind of work. But man is it rewarding!

We replaced all the ceilings & insulation. This was old insulation that was everywhere!

We emptied out LOADS of trash and furniture left in the house.

The water heater is no longer in the bathroom.

The bedroom that we built out. Good job Zach!

I listed the home at $74,900 if you know of anyone!

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