Thursday, August 12, 2010

Krista's Tips to Selling a Home

With lots of competition and a high inventory of houses on the market, here are just a couple suggestions I give to clients preparing to sell a home.

1. Contact me for a pre-listing package!

2. Clean, Organize & Stage!
-By far this is one of THE most important steps. I hire professional photographers for my listings and I want the home's pictures to look outstanding! If the interior of a home looks roomy and decluttered, the pictures will turn out much better! (Oh and better pictures will bring in more traffic since 9 out of 10 homebuyers preview homes online before ever going in one!) De-clutter the closets, bookshelves, nooks, desk, rooms, counters, etc. Clean the windows, floors, carpets, etc. Stage it to look show-worthy! I go very in-depth with my clients on this step.

3. If something is broken, have it fixed. Many times people can not see past your homes faults. For example, if a window or cabinet is visibly broken, have it fixed. If lightbulbs are burnt out, replace with new ones! The last thing you want is a potential buyer walking in and seeing the flaws that could have been easily fixed. Along this line is having a pre-inspection done to fix any problems you may be unaware of.

4. Curb Appeal! Most buyers will make a decision within just a few minutes about whether they want your house or not. Have the lawn and flower beds looking fabulous! Once again, remember this is a high competition market because of lots of inventory. Stand out! Make your home's exterior shine! Clean your steps, siding, driveway, windows, fix any paint chipping, etc.

5. Think about easy updates or upgrades that will give you a return. I will say this from personal experience. Most buyers do not like my personal taste of a very dark brown bedroom. It's almost cave-like. Well, when I go to sell my home eventually I know that the walls will have to be repainted with a neutral, light colored paint. It's an easy and cost effective change. Also, if you have bathrooms or a kitchen with old dirty linoleum, think about having them tiled. Contact this guy for tiling work! :) Replace dated fixtures with updated fixtures from the local Home Depot or Lowes.

* Have a friend that has thought about selling? Give me their info and I'd be happy to send over my personalized pre-listing package!

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