Wednesday, June 4, 2008

2 Months of Silence

Wow...lots happened in two months. In this order...

-Found out I was pregnant
-Had a miscarriage 41 days into the pregnancy which landed me in the hospital
-Was in my dear friend Jess's wedding which was amazing
-Saw Jimmy Eat World Live!
-The birth of my best friend's baby boy
-Came back to reality of miscarriage...with crazy hormones and emotions
-Ever so slow renovations happening on our house
-Ran a 5K in my goal time (28:31)
-Started having a weekly bible study at our house
-Planned a large community outreach in Spring Hill

-Enjoying the beginning of Summer in Franklin
-Looking forward to VBS next week at church
-Then the student ministry summer camp in a few weeks
-Trying to run more and lose pounds from the chocolate that I have consumed my emotions in..
-Pursuing another foreclosure property near us
-Walking day by day in this messy thing called life and learning to trust God even though its not easy

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Anonymous said...

Krista: It was great meeting you tonight. I'm setting you up on my blog roll. We must share the love.

You're 2 months of silence sounds like anything but. After suffering a loss as you have and experiencing the birth of your friends baby, it is hard to resolve the whirlwind of emotions that rip through our hearts and our heads. Not only can there be moments of fleeting joy, unresolved hollowness, and happiness closely followed by the unsettling question of why not me? But it is all mixed with the ooey, gooey, goodness of hormones! YEAH!

Stay to the light sister! It will come again, when you and God are ready!