Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday has arrived.

I couldn't wait for this evening all week. Why? Because I had NOTHING planned. I actually have lots to do around the house as laundry, dishes, and cleaning needs to be done...but oh well. Blogs come first:)

After reading Jen's post the other day I could really relate to loving children especially our sponsored compassion child. I had written the following on my facebook note/blog thing a few months ago so I'm posting it here too.

Those close to me know that I went through a huge loss February 21, 2007. My sweet Emma Grace passed away at 5 yrs old from a rare genetic disease. I cared for Emma for several years starting when she was just 2 months old. She was like my own child...I loved her so deeply and cared for her through the many surgeries, therapy sessions, endless diaper changes, etc. etc. I'll probably never feel a love towards a child like I did with Emma until I have my own kids one day. I've been thinking a lot about those final moments at her bedside, about the final goodbye, or about all the times I said "I love you Emma" and she would smile at me and say "Kista!" When I said the final goodbye to her I gave her a picture of me and her dancing. Emma was never able to walk but she loved to sit and 'dance'. So I said "Emma, you go dance for Jesus tonight!" I know she entered heaven that night running, jumping, dancing, and laughing at the feet of Jesus.

I have realized what an honor it was to love Emma as my job for so many years. Seriously, to get paid to love a child and care for them is probably the best job ever!

I wanted to love another child and 'provide' for their needs again. I am now sponsoring Apodi Ambrose, an adorable 3 yr old boy from Uganda. He is just precious! I had a stirring on my heart to step outside of my comfortable Williamson County life to use my resources to help a child. I'll probably never meet him but I pray his life is touched on the other side of the world, just as my life is touched here in Franklin, TN.

After rereading this it just reminds me of how much I long for a child of my very own to love and pray that God grants that request again soon.

Here are a few pictures!

Emma Grace

One of the last pictures taken together before she died.

Apodi Ambrose-Our sweet compassion child that loves to play soccer and color!

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