Thursday, June 19, 2008

summer fun

Woah! This week has flown by. I'm so excited because I have the day off tomorrow. I'm spending it doing things I love.

-I love the early morning sunrise so I'll go for a run. I just thought this picture I found on the internet of a sunrise was pretty. Hopefully I can do around 3 miles in the morning.

-Going to Supperthyme to prepare some meals from a giftcard my mom gave me at Christmas! I'll be preparing these dinners which I'm excited about!
-Beef Bolognese & Pasta
-Balsamic Beef Kabobs
-Parmesan Pork Tenderloin

-I don't have time to layout since I work about 60+ hrs a week between my business ventures. So, I go to this place and get a glistening tan and relax for 20 mins:)

-Then I get to see these two friends for bekah's first wedding shower! I love them and it's weird that my little bekah who I've known since she was 14 is getting married.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, you did 3.1 miles in the 90 degree heat. I totally think you can do 3 in the morning. :~)