Wednesday, July 23, 2008


The weather has been SO HOT! I have about 5 weeks until the Franklin Classic 10K run. I had put a very big goal for myself of running the 10K and doing it with an average of 9 min/miles. I'm starting to think that is not an attainable goal! I have had a difficult time getting runs in because of the heat and even worse, the Tennessee Humidity. I'm sorry, but when I see it is 97 degrees out with 70% humidity, the last thing I feel like doing is running 5 miles. I'm also not an early morning person so I dread getting up early for a morning run before the heat kicks in. Oh and I can't run at night by myself when its dark. Woah, now I see why the hubby calls me high maintenance! At this point if I can get my butt out the door and get more runs in I could do the 9 min/miles if not, hey, at least I can say I ran 6.2 miles without stopping or passing out!

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Stephanie said...

I hear ya. I hate running on the treadmill in air conditioning.