Monday, July 28, 2008

i'm not creative, but i'm administrative!

I'm one of those people that feels so ordinary. Let me explain. My older brother scored like a 30 on his ACT, didn't prepare at all for it...I scored a 21...twice...and prepared like crazy for it. He received several academic scholarships...I received none. My younger brother is crazy talented in art. He makes incredible sculptures, art pieces, drawings, paintings, etc. I can't draw anything more then a stick figure. My dad is a brains guy and has the most amazing memory and so much knowledge. My mom can design and sew the most beautiful wedding dress, install telephone systems, and other high tech things like that. Zach is an excellent Manager. He has been at his store for 6.5 years. His revenue was up 75% last month compared to a year ago. I can't do any of those things. I just always feel so ordinary, so average. I am surrounded by people that are creative, smart, successful, and feel like I don't measure up so many times.

While cleaning out one of our closets the other day I came across Zach's performance review from last Spring. His District Manager rates all the things he is good at, needs improvement on, etc. She had circled 1-5 on various areas. I noticed that all the things that were in the "organization, administrative, paperwork, deadline," categories he scored poorly 1's. But, on his "manager, delegating, performance of store" categories he scored 5's. I sat there at 4:30am (i've had trouble sleeping recently and was up at that time cleaning out a closet!)...I started to think of the things I am good at. I realized all the things Zach scored low on were things I am really good at and love to do. The things I am not good at, he scored high on. It was one of those moments where I realized Zach and I are a team. We both come with our gifts, talents, abilities and just mesh together.

I can't imagine both of us being like me....or both of us being just like him.
-I file everything...i have an unhealthy love for manila folders
-I budget like CRAZY...I keep a spreadsheet of our budget and then sort into categories what was the in/out of our money that month.
-I pay every bill on the 1st of the month. It throws me off to do it any other day.
-I am obsessed with Microsoft Outlook Calendar and don't know what I would do without my calendar deadline reminders.
-I live by schedules, deadlines, structure, etc.

All this to say, in moments where I question how I was wired/gifted/talented/etc...I realize that I far exceed the normal person on the administrative and organizational giftings. So maybe I'm not so ordinary- average afterall:)


HawkNest said...

Soooooooo . . . can we do our Christmas shopping for each other from Office Depot this year or what?

Stephanie said...

I hear ya. I am still trying to figure out my talent/gift. I would say mine may be a slight bit of organizing, when I have time, but not so much lately. I feel ordinary as well...can't sing, can't draw, scored an 18 on my ACT yet I was in Golden Key in college. Go figure.

Jennifer Jarnagin said...

I feel ya! In a family similar to yours, I have often wondered where my talents lie. I think what you discovered is as important as all those other things and I appreciate you!!!