Thursday, July 17, 2008

yeah...more married friends!

Zach and I got married young. Like 19 & 21. (he turned 20 on the last day of our honeymoon though!) We have been in an awkward place ever since. Because we got married young, we have been the only married couple in our group of friends for almost 3 yrs! If we were to hang out with all married people, most of them have kids and are about 5 yrs older then us.

Well, we are so excited that this weekend we will have another married couple in our circle of friends! Nate & Callie are getting hitched! I remember when they started dating 4.5 yrs ago! wow, thats a long time. Nate & Callie -can't wait for your wedding day in just 2 days...when we can finally say 'welcome to the married club'.

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