Saturday, August 2, 2008

ankle injuries and pimples!

interesting title, huh?!

So that personal best run of 5.5 miles last week left me with an injury. After 8 days I'm finally able to walk on it without extreme pain. I started freaking out because the race is in one month and I haven't run since last week. Oh well, had to rest it up so I didn't cause more of an injury. I'll hopefully be back running Monday morning. Honestly, I've kinda enjoyed the break. It has been so hot (like 99 degrees and 50% humidity)!!

Also, pimples. yes. pimples. I had the clearest face all through my teenage years. Never had that pimple show up right before school pictures or that hot date. oh wait, i never went on a date in my teenage years. Anyway, my skin is breaking out! I'm convinced it is stress and not some delayed acne problem that my body decided to expose 10 yrs late. I don't really wear makeup so it kinda sucks.

I am excited that my readership is now up to around 4 people! A friend told me yesterday that she was facebook stalking me and came to read my blog off the link on my page. Come on you lurkers, come out of the closet and leave a comment every now and then;)


Michelle Lynne said...

Hey, Krista! I read your blog pretty much every day! My current obsessions are Facebook and blogs, and when one of my Facebook friends has a blog, I save it in my favorites. I look at my friends' blogs every day. I know, I need to get a life! I love seeing what's going on with everyone, though! So, I guess including me you have 5 readers! I have a blog too if you ever want to check it out:

:-) Michelle Ryan

Keeping up with the Kennedy's said...

I found you..heehee. I found you through Stephanie's blog.

Jennifer Jarnagin said...

I read you every day too!
Try Tea Tree Oil. The Body Shop makes a facewash made with it and Target sells the oil itself on the vitamin aisle for cheaper. I had this exact same issue! I had NEVER had bad skin until I hit a time of EXTREME stress last year. This is the stuff that helped me clear it up and it is natural.