Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Here is what I did today after work. It is the FINAL room of the house we are stillllllll working on. Hey, life gets busy and projects get put on hold! This is our master bedroom. We have been living in a spare room until this is finished. I'm so excited that I finished painting the walls today. Now, just have to paint the ceiling and finish the floor. (We scraped popcorn ceilings off...I now despise popcorn ceilings.) For some reason, the 'after' pictures came out really bad. My camera must not do well in dust!

Last week I decided to do a little surprise for Zach. We have an outdoor storage closet off our patio. It had never been cleaned out from the prior owners...who had trashed the house that we bought as a foreclosure. So, I cleaned this closet out and had to use 409 cleaner because it smelled like something had died. I went to Home Depot, bought shelving, and then decided it needed a new locking doorknob. I figured out how to get it on and ta-da a new locking door. Zach was pretty impressed that I figured it out and didn't break the door or anything! Oh and it was pouring down rain!


Stephanie said...

looks good...I am going to start calling you Jane of all trades.

Keeping up with the Kennedy's said...

You go girl!!!