Tuesday, August 12, 2008

confessions of a housewife

I don't know if housewife is the right word because I'm not a stay at home housewife...but nevertheless this is a confessions of being a wife and it involves things around the house.

If there is one thing I HATE doing...its Laundry! Ok, i don't mind actually washing/drying the laundry. That is the easy part. It's folding and putting it away. I literally despise doing this!
Zach has been begging for clean socks for days but just the thought of having all our clean laundry piled on the bed to be sorted, folded, and put away keeps me procrastinating day after day. The poor guy...he's just wanting some clean matching socks. So, any of you other wives out there have a confession about what you hate to do around the house?!


Stephanie said...

I hate doing the floors, by that, I mean moping the hardwoods. They get done like once every 3 months if we are lucky. I usually just spot clean when needed. I would seriously pay someone to come in and do it once a month.

Michelle Lynne said...

I do NOTHING outside the house. The yard is Todd's domain, and I do not even know how to turn on the mower. As far as inside the house goes, I guess what I hate is cleaning the bathrooms, especially the toilets! UGH!!!

Keeping up with the Kennedy's said...

I'm with you on the laundry...I don't mind doing it, I just can't stand putting it away.